Thursday, December 10, 2009

Perpetual, Slow-Motion, Car Wreck

I’m a goddamn emotional wreck. I think about the past too much. My emotions are all over the place. I wish I had a disorder so I could have a reason. A “get out of self-pity free” card.

Converting self-pity to self-loathing.
Replacing my emotions with jaded cynicism.

So far it’s not working so well. I need to get the fuck out of here. Disappointment is too deeply stained here. Everything I try to do suffers because of this place.

“Sure blame it on the place, if you really tried to do anything, where you lived wouldn’t mean a thing. You could live there if you stopped complaining.”

Well FUCK YOU. I don’t want your goddamn advice. I know what I need. So go fuck yourself.
I’m going crazy.

I need a new me.

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